Balaji Kaushik, Vice President, BSS

Balaji Kaushik, aerospace engineer from Bangalore, India. He is a percussionist and has performed as an accompanying artiste on the mridangam for many vocalists. His tutelage has been under vidwan Sri T.N. Shashi Kumar. Percussion instruments have been his chief interest and he is well versed in playing on the tabla and ghatam. He is also a vocalist and is currently pursuing Carnatic classical singing under Smt. Usha Srinivasan, Canada

He hails from a distinguished family of musicians who have been well known violinists, veena vidwans and vocalists. His lineage is from Rudrapatnam which is a hub of high caliber musicians.

Professionally he holds a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from The University of Kansas. He has several paper publications in reputed international journals along with paper presentations in several international conferences to his credit. His specific interests are aircraft design and aerodynamics. Currently he is placed in Montréal working for a reputed aerospace company.

He envisions garnering talent to motivate music lovers. An exposure to different genres of music will entice youngsters and will pave the path for rediscovering Indian roots and culture. His mission is to enrich the culture of BSS by showcasing the best music traditions available.