President Letter

Dear Friends,

Salutations and our humble Praṇām to the Founders, past Executive Committee Members, Benefactors, Patrons, Donors, Sponsors and Well-wishers of the BSS Family. We wish you all a happy, healthy and a prosperous New Year 2020.

We would like to introduce ourselves as the new BSS committee for this year joined at this challenging time, with pure love for our heritage, in order to carry on and facilitate further the mandate of Bharathiya Sangeetha Sangham, such as, to promote South Indian classical arts and foster the new/future generation into our classical arts heritage. We fully believe that we could do it as a community as the love for our ancestral classical arts and cultural heritage, is beyond comparison. We also take this opportunity to thank from the bottom of our heart all our previous contributors, supporters and committee members without whom we are not what we are today to enjoy this artistic platform.

It is an open secret that, like any organization in the world, our BSS goes through tough times now with declining memberships, reduced participation and more disconnect from the community.
Any organization goes through periods of low and high. Our BSS is no exception. BSS went through the periods of starting by passionate individuals in 1979, then growth with strong community and society involvement, then flourishing period of the organization over the last few decades, and then the dangerous decline period due to various reasons.

We are at this crucial time of decline and it is so critical to reverse the decline through more support and to make the BSS glitter again so that all the hard work of our past community is carried on to the future generation. Art Lovers, Teachers, Students and Community at large are the pillars of the BSS. Symphony of these pillars is the key for our survival as an arts heritage organization.

From our open discussions with some of our community so far, we are proud and enthusiastic to share our feelings that there is so much of positivity and hope that we are sure that our classical arts will flourish high in Quebec and reach new heights.

❖ As the first initiative, we have reduced and revised the annual fees for Donors. The intention is to constantly encourage more annual members and provide flexibility which we will help us thrive every year. Please note that all donations are eligible for tax deduction. Our new structure is:

Family: $200

Single Adult: $100

Student: $25

❖ We are making efforts to bring all music and dance schools of Montreal to come together. We want to listen to all teachers how we can serve them.
❖ We urge all our teachers to encourage the students and their families to become seasonal donors. Though, student option is available, children have a strong footage in their musical/dance adventure when parents hold their hands along. Today’s kids are the future parents.
❖ On popular demand, we are making all our efforts to arrange concerts in Auditorium spaces accessible via public transport, meeting our budget and availability.
❖ We are looking into the possibility of providing shuttle services for seniors who wish to attend the concerts.
❖ We will also explore into applying government grants in the current year.
❖ As people travel long distance at odd hours to our music venues, we will make effort to provide snacks/light dinner for a nominal price before the concerts so that experience becomes more enjoyable.
❖ We will continue our collaboration with Kabir Center of Montreal and SICA of Ottawa.

To summarize, our committee will function as a facilitating body to execute the mandate of BSS through active listening to all the pillars of this society and embracing the concerns of our diverse community through open discussions.

We have an exciting line up of programs planned for the first half of this year and we are in the process of finalizing few more programs for the second half of the year.

Best Regards and Wishes

BSS Committee: