Saraswati Sainath, Director – Logistics & Operations, BSS

Dr. R. Saraswati Sainath is the Founder-Director of Vidyasthanam: School of Indian Music, Culture and Languages. She had her training in Veena notably under Srimati Jnanam Chudamani, disciple of the legendary Veena player Srimati Ranganayaki Rajagopalan. Saraswati has given Veena performances in India and in Canada and teaches Veena, Vocal and Sanskrit for students in Canada and in India.
Saraswati is a doctorate holder in Sanskrit from the University of Madras and has taught Sanskrit in colleges and universities in India and in Canada. She has many publications to her credit and has presented papers at many conferences.
Classical music and art forms have various benefits: they render pleasure to both the performer and the audience, they relieve people of their sorrows, depressions and diseases, they are the best way to represent a culture and hence enable individuals to reach back to their roots, they give money and fame, and knowledge of aesthetics shows that an individual is sophisticated. However, the ultimate benefit of music and art is achieved when they are used as a form of worship to experience the divinity within oneself.
BSS is doing a great service to the Indo-Canadian community by promoting Indian classical art forms. This enables artists of all age groups to develop and strengthen their knowledge of these art forms and be connected with their heritage while contributing to the cultural diversity of Québec and Canada.
Saraswati thinks that serving on the BSS committee to the best of her ability is one of the best ways to serve the community.